Wslay - The WebSocket libraryΒΆ

Wslay is a WebSocket library written in C. It implements the protocol version 13 described in RFC 6455. This library offers 2 levels of API: event-based API and frame-based low-level API. For event-based API, it is suitable for non-blocking reactor pattern style. You can set callbacks in various events. For frame-based API, you can send WebSocket frame directly. Wslay only supports data transfer part of WebSocket protocol and does not perform opening handshake in HTTP.

Wslay supports:

  • Text/Binary messages.
  • Automatic ping reply.
  • Callback interface.
  • External event loop.

Wslay does not perform any I/O operations for its own. Instead, it offers callbacks for them. This makes Wslay independent on any I/O frameworks, SSL, sockets, etc. This makes Wslay portable across various platforms and the application authors can choose freely I/O frameworks.

See Autobahn test reports: server and client.

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